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Being Accepted Onto The Medium Partnership Programme

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To say I’m proud of myself wouldn’t even be beginning to explain the joy in which I felt when I received the reply email from Medium which stated that i had been successfully accepted onto the Partnership Programme. I’ve now sent off the extra details ect and I’m ready to go!

I’m still learning and each piece I publish is evidence of my journey so far as the writer that I’m becoming. I’m also finding myself more and more comfortable after reading many stories of advice which all point back to one thing “Never give up”, I’ve aimed to be consistent and I admit I haven’t been as consistent as I should have been but i’ve acknowledged this and aim to change this.

I remember when my mom was my only follower and then 8 followers followed and that number stuck for a while BUT i carried on writing, slowly i saw my followers rise and they now currently stand at 255 and counting. This is big for someone like me who only started writing due to wanting to learn how to write songs, which ended up becoming poems and then I tried my hand at short story writing beginning with “I Want To Go Home” which you can find in my lists under short stories. The inspiration for that story came from my 8 years of caring for Dementia residents, after I saw the feedback from friends and family something woke inside of me and I found myself coming up with story after story. Then came my book “DayDreamer” all chapters so far can be found on my lists too, and that helped me to excel my mind into the writing world even more.

I’m excited about where my writing journey will take me and I’m always thinking about stories, poems and new relatable content which keeps me writing. So that’s why I’m exceptionally grateful for this opportunity.

Don’t think you can’t do it,

Know that you can do it.

Thank you to all of my followers it means alot to me that you’re here with me walking each and every step of the way.

Also well done and congratulations on the great pieces i have read on here, your writing is valid and so are you!



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